Character Ed.

Thomas Jefferson High School

Affective Needs/Character & Leadership Education

Course Syllabus



Instructor/Program Director: Mr. Mike Kontrelos

—Available for conferences by appointment, however, please feel free to contact me anytime.


               (720) 423-7088             Rooms 213 & 214


Course Description: Thomas Jefferson Affective Needs Program will emphasize graduation requirements/core academic classes, aggression reduction therapy/character education curriculum, and transition/life skills, with an emphasis on post-secondary preparedness.  The AN Program utilizes a variety of data collection processes to track student progress, triggers, and behaviors with the ultimate goal of developing and teaching successful interventions to best help each individual reach their highest potential becoming effective, confident contributors to society.  Through guided, student-driven exercises and projects, this class aims help students become more successful in school, relationships, and life!


  • Thomas Jefferson Affective Needs Program offers a very specific social emotional curriculum. In this model, strong social/emotional education (respectful interaction with peers and adults/anger management) and social skills will be taught, practiced, and expected throughout the program.   Curriculum includes large group and small group collaborations, projects and presentations, as well as individual goal setting and reflection practices.   Colorado Core State Standards are built into the curriculum.


  • An emphasis on Vocational training including job tours, resume writing, interview skills, accessing public transportation, public speaking and career research through College in Colorado and other methods are explored.


  • Students are expected to attend every day on time and be prepared to work.  Students are expected to demonstrate respect for others at all times, and be active listeners and doers.  Each day begins with a “gathering” open forum which allows students to share ideas or concerns or celebrations.  This process is intentional as it becomes the root that will help to grow this class and its culture, community and purpose.



Supplies needed if family can provide:

  • Binder to hold handouts, notes, and homework in progress
  • loose-leaf paper for binder
  • pens/pencils
  • school daily planner


Other helpful supplies:

  • USB saving device for computer (flash or thumb drive)
  • Hand sanitizer
  • Kleenex




Teacher-to-Parent/Guardian Communication: The Affect Needs Team will be mailing the parent/guardian a “Monthly Behavior Report Form”. This form will include information regarding the student’s attendance, current grades, and behaviors and recommendations.   Additionally, the AN team will be in weekly contact with updates using your preferred method (email, phone, text…).



Homework, late work, and make-up work:  It is expected that students complete homework on time and individually.  Generally, late work will be accepted up to three days beyond the due date for reduced credit.  After three days, no credit will be given. There are times when late credit will not be given—for instance, when a day’s activity is dependent on students coming to class prepared.  Students with excused absences are allowed two days to make up work for each day missed.  If a student misses several days in a row, he/she should meet with me to work out a schedule for turning in make-up work.  It is the student’s responsibility to see me during non-class time to get make-up work.


Tests/Quizzes:  When given, tests and quizzes are directly related to the content we are covering and are almost always announced at least one day in advance.


Grades:  All homework, projects, written work, and tests are assigned a point value.  Points are totaled for each grading period and grades are given based on the following percentage scale:







Checking Grades:  Parents/guardians and students are strongly encouraged to monitor academic progress and grades.  Infinite Campus is a computer-based grade, attendance, and behavior tracking system and is the easiest and most thorough resource for keeping up to date with this information.  TJ’s website ( has a link for Infinite Campus on the left side of the homepage.  Further instructions can be found after clicking on the link.  All students are required to have Infinite Campus access and can check their own progress on the computers at the school library or at home if Internet access is available.



Attendance:  Attendance in class is extremely important.  School policy is followed for attendance.