Summer Homework

Character Education: In three paragraphs, describe what EMPATHY means to you and how you have witnessed empathy in your life.  What is the opposite of empathy and give at least two examples.  Explain how you   will practice empathy as a student at TJHS next year?

English 3: Read a book of your choice and provide a five paragraph summary that includes theme, setting, characters, conflict and conflict resolution.  Include an overall rating of the story (would not recommend, recommend, highly recommend) and your reasons for this decision.

Writing about Film:  Interview a friend or family member about their favorite song, movie, book, television commercial and actor/actress.  Be sure to use questioning that encourages dialogue and thoughtful responses from your subject.  Watch the news, listen to radio interviews etc. to gain insight into interview skills, questions and styles- maybe Entertainment Tonight? (we will develop these throughout the year in class).

College Fast Track: Prepare a five to 10 slide power point that tells the viewers where you will be in five years and include the steps you took to make this a reality.  Use data from schools, work places etc to show research and planning.